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            A Revolution

The Net is a revolution. An inarguable fact. But more than anything else,

it has revolutionised the freedom of expression. Free from any dictatorial

control, it gives everyone an equal chance to say. Say what is the truth.

Say what he/she feels about things. Never before was such a medium

available to the common man. Newspapers published letters of readers,

but one was not sure they would get published after posting them. If you

felt something was wrong, keep it to yourself. Nothing could be done

by poor solitary you. One had to have extraordinary confidence to take

on the system and express oneself. Some convention had to be broken

in order to state one's view publicly if it was radical or against the

establishment. Not anymore. The Internet gives one and all an equal

oppurtunity to have a say. How creatively you do it to attract attention

is your job and no restricions on that too. It has made life easier for

conventional or radical thinkers, creative minds and the public in large

to express their thoughts, ideas, their work without deviating far from

their routine life. Never before was such an oppurtunity knocking on

the doors for anyone from the west to someone from the third world.

Ofcourse anyone can express themself independently. But collective

expression gets quicker attention from the audience. Not that individual

liberty has an inherent disadvantage on the contrary it is more effective

in some cases. But places such as The NothinOfficial Hangout could

act as a medium for different people to come togeter. People different

in their culture, religion, race but similar in their kind. An exchange of

views and thoughts free from any prejudice and pseudo-thinking on a

topic by people from such a panoramic variety of backgrounds could

be a soul-searching and mind-saturating and rich experience in all sense.