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Power of Concentration

The World is so full of marvels. In a way everything is wonderful in itself if

judged by human capabilities to produce. Even human creations can be awed at

by lesser mortals.

The Pyramids, the Taj Mahal and the Great Wall of China to name a few oldies.

The Computer, Space shuttles, Telephones etc. are all wonders by modern science.

But one area that as always fascinated me is music. It is one art that has been

around for ages with it's tools and instruments of expression not getting outdated.

On the contrary either they have been the source of inspiration for modern

instruments or are still strived for perfection in playing them.

For example the flute, such a simple instrument, a piece of wood with holes in it.

But yet so tough to master it. Alright even if you master it, the catch is, can you

produce something innovative? Some tune which is original, which did not exist,

you created it. That is what matters. But did that tune really did not exist? Was it

never there? It was always hiding in those holes. It only needed someone to shift

those fingers in that particular manner to reveal itself to the world. Oh! How many

tunes are lying in those holes of the flute, still undiscovered, or am I allowed to

say, still not invented. It is only when the player's concentration, his heart, his

mind, his soul becomes one in the desire to express, to liberate that hidden tune,

that a new creation is born. It is the concentration that is really wonderful because of

which a holed piece of wood can produce a tune conveying an emotion, a feeling,

a thought of the player which would not have been possible any other way.