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Theory of Relativity

In the beginning the world was there. In the end the world will be there. There is no beginning. There will be no end. The idea of measurement of time itself is ambiguous. For our convenience and ability to measure there are seconds, mili-seconds and nano-seconds.

As far as their significance goes, ask a 100m athlete and he will tell you how short a nano second is. Next ask the same fellow waiting to receive his beloved on a railway platform and he will tell you how long a minute is. Then again the context is important. Even the importance of time is related to the context it is seen in.

Why is Miss Universe the most beautiful? Because there is someone inferior in looks than her. Does that make her really beautiful? No. It is only because we have seen lesser beautiful girls that a girl better than them seems beautiful. Beauty is relative.

What is sadness? Nothing but inferior to all the better experiences that we have had. We have felt better in certain situations than this one and that is why it is termed as sadness and the other happiness. To a person who lives in sorrow all the time even a big shock fails to push him into abyss of sadness. But to another who has seen nothing but joy, death of his pet dog is a moment of great sorrow. Sadness is relative.

Whether it is good or bad, better or worse, life or death, all of them are relative. Therefore since there are temporary things there has to be something permanent to which impermanance is related. What it is, we have to find out.