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            Real Happiness

                                                                                                   - Roger Kimble

Contrary to media thoughts and advertising, growing older is not

all negative. I won't lie, some of it certainly is, but there are

attributes to it that I wish I had acquired much, much earlier. To keep

from boring you, and I probably am already, I 'll limit my comments to

one thing: The almost insane urge we all have to acquire THINGS. Of

course, being human, we all need the basics. I am not suggesting we

become Spartans. But beyond the basics of good, I did not say

magnificent, shelter, good food that gives the body what it needs,

clothing to match the climate and weather conditions you face, and

excercise and water, you really need nothing else in the realm of

material goods. We spend our lives trying to acquire things we neither

need nor want. The not wanting comes in a short while. We are so busy

working to gain the money to purchase all these toys, cars, stylish

clothes (that will be out of style next year), we lose our lives.

At least the part that counts.

As you get into what is called, "the Senior Years," you suddenly

realize that you are no longer packing to stay, you are trying to unpack

to leave. And make no mistake, we all will leave one day. What I am

saying is you lose much of the desire to acquire that has so ridden you

all of these years. And it is a grand and glorious feeling! Until it

happens to you, you will never believe the freedom you suddenly have.

All the come-ons, the ads, the one-upmanship, the trying to stay

materialistically even with your neighbors, it is GONE! The things you

have are suddenly and almost magically...Enough!

The great thing is, you don't have to wait until you are 60, 70, or

whatever! You are really free to adopt this attitude now. Try's worthwhile, and it will break a lot of shackles to your

real happiness.

Best Wishes,