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This is the Hangout Helper here folks!

It is nice to know that you have taken the effort and cared to come here.

Note : Site is up-dated every Monday morning, (latest noon) GMT

Introduction Ours Hangout     Functional Guidelines

Introduction -   All the happenings at the hangout are unofficial. Everything is

Natural. No formalities. Straight from the heart. Of course nothing vulgar. The

place to share views and ideas about life - politics - music - nature - stars - books

humanity - daily life - experience - old age - religion. About things as they are.

Whether they are politics or religion the outlook is natural without any prejudice

or any kind of official blah - blah. Everything, as the name suggests is unofficial.

Together we share our thoughts and ideas and views for a richer experience.

Not limited to citizens of one city or country but open to all the netizens of the

web, the idea and purpose is to have an exchange and sharing of inputs from

people coming from a wide variety of cultures and socities that the we earth

inhabitants are lucky to have. Internet provides the medium, the rest is up to us.

Ours Hangout -   Email your down to earth thoughts about anything for which

you feel for or care which can be read by one and all and it will be posted in the

User's Posting area. Also if by reading an article or an user's posting a thought

process or a tickling in the brain or heart occurs i.e. you have something to say

about it than The NothinOfficial Message Board is the place for you to express

it. Even if you like / dislike or agree / disagree with something post a line or

two on the message board. Please do give suggestions for the betterment of the

hangout and your active participation by submitting user's posting and so on,

'cause if you don't, one day we might have to call magicians from India to remove

ghosts from hanging out! The Hangout is ours to keep, nurture and grow with.

Functional Guidelines -   These are just operational guidelines. Intended for

better functioning of the hangout. They are not meant to enforce any form of

censorship or that kind because that would defeat the basic purpose and idea of

  of the place. Please take care of the following :

   #   Please No Vulgarity in User' Posting or on the Message Board.

   #   Please submit the User's Posting latest by Sunday of every week.

   #   Please give an appropriate heading or title to your submission.

   #   Please state whether to display your email address or not.

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