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Logo Two Sides Of A Coin
- VeerChand Bothra

Sitting by the window and watching the trees and city-birds triggered a thought

process yesterday. A tree has so many branches coming out of it, different in

size and shape yet all of them belonging to the tree. All of them are part of the

tree. All the branches take rest in the tree. They originate from the tree and thus

 are based on the tree.

Maybe all the religions of this world are the branches of a tree called the truth.

They seem and look different but their base is the truth. They have truth in them.

If a bird living on one branch says 'my branch is the truth and yours is a farce',

then the bird has not understood and realised what is the truth.

The branch is not the truth in itself but leads on to it, the tree.

If one has not even realised what the truth is how can one have an opinion

about it! Probe your religion or belief, understand what is the goal it preaches,

what is it's philosphy and than have an opinion. But having an opinion does not

mean that the other's is false. That bird is right but that does not make the other

bird wrong. If your kid says that you are his/her father and that relationship

alone is the truth than he is wrong. You are a father, a brother, a son all in

one. Your kid is right but that does that does not make your wife wrong who

says that her relationship with you of a husband is the truth. The whole point is

that having an opinion is alright but thinking your opinion alone to be the

truth does not make you a person with an opinion but one with an ego. A

person who stepped into wet cement and stood on it so long that he can't step

out. This theory is derived from the oldest religion in the world, Jainism.

Which says a truth may be looked at from many angles and all the angles

maybe true but none can claim to be the sole truth. This theory is called

'Anekantvad'. It is very much necessary to respect other people's opinion

and think in that manner. But one word of caution here. A tree has many

other creepers and snakes which hang on it. To mistake them to be a part of

the tree is the fault and dumbness of your mind. Therefore the religions and

beliefs have to be analyzed with non-prejudiced, objective and logically

oriented mind before accepting them to be a part of the tree. Everyone is

not right. And also not everyone except you is wrong. A coin has two sides

but the earth does not. Whether it is religion or an argument or any other topic,

Keep you mind open.

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